Persistence Is Key

It was just about two and a half months ago that I shared my plan with you all to begin a fitness journey!! My road to my first show as an NPC Bikini Competitior is beginning to feel and look oh-so-real.

While I can comfortably and openly admit that I have experienced a wide range of emotions thus far, I can honestly say that I’m not even CLOSE to feeling the emotions that established competitors feel before, during and post contest. I’ve had my tired days, my sore days, and to keep it REAL… I’ve had my days where I honestly just didn’t feel motivated. But, I did find that pushing through those emotions and continuing with my workout plan, and most importantly, good eating has kept me on track. I’ve NEVER regretted any of my workouts!

My water intake is up dramatically from my last post “Fit Life“, at about a gallon a day depending on the heat here in Bend and/or my workout schedule. As always, I notice greater results in my gains and muscle development when I maximize my water intake. Also, my eating has become cleaner and cleaner, although I do keep an “IIFYM” mindset to give myself flexibility and moderation with my favorite foods (and drinks!). If you’re not familiar with “If It Fits Your Macros”, I will be blogging on that as I get closer to prep and, most certainly, after I compete for my first time. 

Currently, I am on Day 4 of my brand new five day workout plan and have been seeing some incredible gains this week alone. My next blog will include some details on my specific max weights and my personal gains. 

Thank you, again, to all of you that have sent words of encouragement and have been following my posts! You guys are all so wonderful 🙂 

Here’s a progress pic: photo on the left is from my “Fit Life” blog (link above) and the photo on the right is from my last day of lifting last week.






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  1. Wow! What a huge change!! Congrats 🙂

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