A Tall Glass of…

So lots of updates coming from the last two weeks or so!

In terms of fitness and diet, I’ve finally reached a consistent intake of about 3 liters of water per day. For me, the biggest challenge was teaching myself to not drink my water too quickly throughout the morning/early afternoon, in large parts because my work outs normally take place in the evenings. When I do get to train in the mornings, I usually have a lot easier time pacing my water intake until bed time. I also managed to find a protein that I liked in the Giant Sports “Delicious Protein” vanilla flavor, which is a process that I thought would take a lot longer due to my lactose intolerance. Right now, my favorite way to have my protein is just blended up with my lactose free milk – it reminds me a lot of drinking the Carnation Instant Breakfast packages as a kid, and who doesn’t love food nostalgia?! 

I’ve solidified my weight/muscle group schedule with lifting and did my first full week’s cycle of max weight days, high rep days, cardio and rest days this past week. I can honestly tell you I’ve been sore the whole week through, even on comfy weight/high rep days, which tells me my body is grinding hard to build mass! I’m excited to see what progress develops in my physique and also excited to see and work toward new gains.

If you have any particular fitness inspirations like people, web pages, or work out songs please feel free to post them in the comments and do share my blog with those you know who may be trying to find a fitness routine! The hardest part for all of us getting started and I can only hope that my journey is a motivation for others. Here are some progress pics:




Over the Memorial Day holiday, I worked the Mt. Bachelor final weekend event, Brewski Beer Fest & Pond Skim, with Riverbend Brewing and had a great time meeting more people in the beverage industry and interacting with excited beer drinkers! I got to chat with one gal who was CLEARLY a cross-fitter (and I mean that in a respectful and acknowledging way!) about training and fitness and she complimented my legs, telling me that they were her “dream legs”. It felt really good to receive that compliment being so new to this whole process! My company, #BendEvents, will be working with Riverbend throughout the summer, so you can be on the lookout for more updates about that brewery within my blog! 


Thank you, as always, for reading and all the love and support! 





  1. winston · · Reply

    Your hard work is beginning to pay off – and you look fantastic! Your efforts to succeed in the competitions at missplayboysocial.com have greatly improved in my opinion based on your hard work and dedication – your pictures/presentation will be a lot more appealing! You were always beautiful, but you’ve just upped the game and rose the bar! Keep it up TJ and keep dreaming big! You have my support and I wish you the best 🙂

  2. Pedro Ramirez · · Reply

    Miss TJ Reese looks very fit. Keep it up, Miss TJ. =) ❤

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