Art by Natalie Fletcher

So, after over a year of communication and messages back and forth to each other, of which a majority of them contained the words “I want to work with you!” frequently… it finally happened! And, it happened twice in one month!!

I finally had the honor of being painted by the wonderful Natalie Fletcher. If you don’t know already, Natalie is an incredibly talented body painter from Texas. She moved to Oregon to attend art school in Ashland at The Academy of Art and now lives in Bend where she continues to paint and show her art.

The first of our two shows was on Friday, October 4th at The Astro Lounge in Bend. First Friday is a regular occurrence in downtown Bend that showcases art, and often times music, in the businesses and restaurants on the first Friday evening of each month. I was lucky enough to be Natalie’s first live canvas attempt at an anatomically correct skeleton painting! Needless to say, she left everyone impressed and the photos that Wes Brown caught turned out better than I could have ever imagined.







And then, Natalie painted me at the Deschutes Brewery VooDoo Cross Warehouse Bash on Saturday, October 26, which followed the Halloween Cyclocross Crusade. This time Natalie painted me as a mummy! Unfortunately, these photos are not professional, so I apologize for the quality. Oh, and in case you’re wondering why I look like I’m bored/tired/not into it… I was wearing only panties and pasties in 30 degree weather, aka, I was freezing my BUNS off!!








I hope you all enjoyed the photos! Please make sure to go check out Natalie’s work… she is awesome and she does do paintings that are not live (murals, canvases, etc.) and I highly recommend her for ANY art needs you may have!


Thank you, as always, for reading!




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