Um, well 4 months without blogging is totally and completely unnecessary. It won’t happen again!

There’s been a LOT going on! A couple of highlights include:

#BendEvents, my business I told you all about back in February, has been doing very well. Bookings and clientele are increasing and I’m really looking forward to finishing out the first year of operations strong!

Secondly, I would like to share with all of you that July 1 marks the start of my run to the July 2013 title of Playboy’s Miss Social! I have established a large team of seasoned and new PBMS judge voters who have committed to helping me through the month to the win. In accordance with my run to the title, I will be shooting and posting lots of photos through the month and will be giving prizes and thank you packages to my best judges!

Playboy offers an all-expenses paid trip to Los Angeles to shoot with a Playboy photographer to any of the monthly winners. The photo shoot will consist of a full hair and make-up treatment, prestigious transportation and activities while shooting, and coverage of various other expenses that the model will incur during her stay with the Playboy family.

Since I began modeling in 2007, it has always been a dream of mine to work for Playboy and I encourage any and all of you that are willing to support me to join my voters team on Facebook. Being an active Playboy Miss Social judge does not cost anything, but allows the option for judges to spend money on votes, if they wish. You can earn votes without spending money by interacting with the various contestant profiles, their photos and sharing their profile links. Playboy also offers games, such as Beat Universe, and the Tokens system for judges to earn votes. Each month, you must use all of your votes because they do not roll over to the next month. Outside of voting, your help will be needed in sharing any and all PBMS links that I post on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

July voting opens at 12:30pm, PST on July 1st. The open round lasts until 12:30pm, PST on July 26th and each round of finals will last exactly 24 hours every day after that until the 30th. There are 4 challenges within the month and each challenge allows for 3 winners based on the number of likes their challenge photo received from viewers, and 1 winner that is chosen by the PBMS administrative team who secures a spot in the finals. regardless of rank when the open round closes. If a contestant does not win a challenge by PBMS choice and secure a spot in the finals, finalists are automatically chosen if they are in the top 8 contestant rank at 12:30pm, PST the day open voting closes.

Judges have an option to purchase Elite status for the month of July for only $10. This will give you double the votes each time you earn or buy votes. I am offering an exclusive, unreleased semi-nude photo to all judges who show proof of purchasing Elite status.


This is a golden opportunity for any one who supports me as a model to help reach a goal that I’ve always wanted to achieve! If you are not interested in becoming an active judge, please commit to sharing my posts when you see them. Anything helps!!

Thank you for reading, I promise not to go MIA again, and remember… #TeamTJ for the win!!!


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