TJ Reese is a 24 year old professional model and promotional model residing in Bend, Oregon. Over the past 8 years, TJ Reese has built a wide network in her time as a model, make-up artist and actress, which laid the foundation that led to her entrepreneurship.

In February of 2013, I solely funded and founded TJR Marketing & Media; the main backbone for social media marketing and specialty events that are solely publicized by #BendEvents. #BendEvents is the advertising end of TJR Marketing & Media for the Bend, Oregon area projects that I put together.

Throughout the growth of my business, I managed to finish 4th place in the September finals of Playboy’s Miss Social contest and earned a bid to compete in the Playboy Miss Social of the Year contest in February of 2014. While I did not advertise my competition in PBMSOY, it was fun to be a part of it all. 2014 has given me the pleasure of competing in Playboy Miss Social finals both in March and June, and I will be looking to claim a monthly title sometime during 2014. Within this blog, you can find updates, tidbits, announcements and photos about my run for the PBMS title!

I am available for work outside of Oregon and encourage interested clients to contact me directly. I handle all of my own projects, bookings and social media and would love to hear from you! I am currently on a hiatus from make-up artistry, as I have been focusing on my own modeling and my new-found fitness journey, which you can read more about here in my blog.

If you are a fan and would like to purchase a printed photo, please contact me via e-mail ( with the subject “Autographed Print”. I do autograph all prints, but customized notes take a little extra time 🙂

Enjoy all of my web links and please interact! I love hearing from everyone and your feedback is crucial to my growth.




  1. Roland Gaudet · · Reply

    Hello Tj Reese 🙂
    I was interested in buying an autographed picture of you that you posted on Ebay….item number 151139916646.
    But you don’t ship to Canada….was wondering why is that?
    Get back to me

    Have a good day 🙂

    1. I do ship to Canada. I ship anywhere. Which photo would you like? contact me directly at with “Autographed Photo” in the subject line!

  2. i love it;)))))))))))))))))))))))))

  3. Lovely bio T.J. And a good way to introduce yourself in dramatic fashion! 🙂

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